A number of lists of 2013 AWP panels have been floating around Facebook – panels on nonfiction, GLBTQ panels, etc – so I thought I’d put together an overview of the Chican@/Latin@ panels at this year’s conference. See the AWP Conference schedule for all times and locations.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there are individual Latin@ writers on a number of other panels. Included here are a selection of panels featuring readings by Latin@ novelists, short story writers, and poets, as well as panels (each with at least one Latin@ participant) dealing with issues of diversity and ethnicity in the workshop, the academy, or in community organizations; language, multilingualism, and translation; migration and the power of place; and art and activism. Also included is a selected list of author signings (just my luck – The Five Acts of Diego León isn’t out until March 19), as well as info about the annual AWP Con Tinta gathering, this year honoring Tino Villanueva.

Feel free to share, and please add a plug for your own panel in the comments section here, or any other panels you plan to attend. In the meantime, I’ll see YOU at AWP 2013.


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